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Organic and creamy peanut butter with Ayurvedic spices

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When creating this peanut butter, we were inspired by one of the oldest medicine systems known to mankind which is called Ayurveda. It was developed thousands of years ago by Indian sages.

This is a functional peanut butter that not only adds rich and amazing flavors to your food but also has a long list of added health benefits.

The principal spice that we use for this flavor is Turmeric which is known for being anti-inflammatory, bone nourisher and immune boosting. It has a beautiful bright yellow color and it belongs to the ginger family.

Our organic peanut butter has a smooth texture that is almost like a thick liquid which makes it easy to spread, drizzle and even cook with it.

The golden elixir flavor goes with everything from your traditional toast with jam to Indian curries. We invite you to think outside the box and use it as a condiment to drizzle over a vegetable platter and create salad dressings. You can also eat it with sweet potato, apple slices or even better, straight out of the jar!

Don’t miss the bliss and keep an eye on our Instagram where we will be sharing recipes and ideas on how to use our peanut butters and educational content about the history and benefits of spices, adaptogens and superfoods.

Ingredients: organic peanuts (92,28%), coconut nectar (6%), turmeric (0,50%), cardamom (0,50%), Ceylon cinnamon (0,20%), ginger (0,20%), pink Himalayan salt (0,21%), black pepper (0,10%).